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Eucalyptus Essential Oil



The tallest deciduous tree, reaching up to 465 feet, produces one of the most powerful essential oil on the planet, Eucalyptus.The word eucalyptus is derived from a Greek word meaning "well covered". this may refer to the membrane that covers the bud of the small white flowers before they bloom. It may also reffer to the therapeutic protection the essential oil provides us. 

It's camphor-like scent reminds of its medicinal purposes. It has been used for topical treatments and throat lozenges to help reduce cold and flu symptoms. It is considered  a mild cough suppressant and expectorant. 

Diffuse this powerful oil of protection into the air to help reduce angry energy and reduce airborne germs.

From my salon perspective I found diluted eucalyptus oil to be beneficial for clearing acne, skin blemishes and as a dandruff treatment. 

Many studies show that has lowered blood sugar,heal wounds and cramp relieving. 

Eucalyptus is a very strong oil and may need to be diluted at a lower ratio than other more gentle oils, especially for children and pets.



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  Botanical Name

 Eucalyptus globulus ( this offering)

( Eucalyptus citriodora, Eucalyptus radiata)

Country of Origin Australia
Plant Part Leaves
  Note Top
  Contraindications Very Strong. Dilute before use. Avoid use on infants or very young children
  Vintage Uses Facial Steams, minor cuts, shingles, acne, lice, decongestant
  Children May help reduce fever
  Pets  use with extra caution for fleas, congestion & deodorizer
  Mystical  Openess, deepens meditative states
Acceptance & Eucalyptus
Psychological/Spiritual  Helps you to understand strong emotions of anger & frustration...When we are overwhelmed by our responsibilities Eucalyptus is said to help us prioritize and reduce our anxiety.

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