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Palo Santo

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Palo Santo, (Bursera graveolens), with its sweet mellow fragrance, is my favorite tool  to use for smudging. It has a more gentle and light burn than some of the sages. 

This Sacred wood is found throughout Peru, The Galapagos Island, Central and South America. It  is not taken from a growing tree. The wood from a fallen tree is used to create these natural fragrant smudge sticks.This enchanting wood will assist you with all aspects of the healing process. 


Combine the heavenly scented smoke of palo santo with the angelic vibrations of selenite and let your stresses go. Selenite soothes the spirit with its high vibrational positive energy. 

This duo is a "must have" for your meditation station as it helps dissolve the stresses of the day.



Chooses from a  3"-3.5" Palo Santo stick or a duo with a palo santo stick and 3" wand of selenite.



Your order is shipped with our sincerest gratitude. It will contain a tiny feather for you to use during our feather release meditations at our Full Moon Celebrations online.

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