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Cypress 10ml

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 Cupressus sempervirens

Country of Origin  Crete
Plant Part  Leaf (some people think they are needles)
Note Middle/Base

Used in the Mediterranean as a symbol of grief and as a source of solace. 

Cypress was used to control any type of excessive fluid in the body and has been used for detoxifying treatment. It is said to help reduce excessive bleeding.

Vintage Uses
  •  Has been used to balance the female hormone system
  • Helps reduce Hot Flashes 
  •  Relieves cramps
  • Coughing
  • Helps relieve congestion
  • Expectorant
  • Soothes aching, swollen  feet
  • Varicose veins
  • May reduce athritis pain
  • Assist the functions of the Lymphatic System
Skin & Hair Care
  •  Strengthens connective tissue
  • Has astringent properties
  • acne
  • oily skin
  • deodorizing
  • Oily hair with dandruff

 Dilute to 1.5 % (learn how on our webinars)



Pet Care  

 It is the tree of Saturn; Provides structure;

  • Gives patience and wisdom to follow your spiritual path
  • Gives you courage during times transition
  • Helps you surrender you will to God (Higher Power
  • Reveal fears that block change
  •  Helps when one avoids reality
  • Helps with scattered thoughts
  • Aids in concentration
  • Calming and helps reduce uncontrollable crying
  • Circulates Chi energy



 Gemstone Onyx



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