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Cecily & Rhonda
Artists & Authors 

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The purpose of Twilight™ is to experience the future transformation of health through ancient traditions today.

The goal of Twilight™ is to produce simple,entertaining, fun educational information so everyone can begin to incorporate the use of essential oils and meditation into their everyday lives while  providing high quality products.

 There is a special time called  the magic hour in photography and cinematography. It is a time of in-between  called Twilight. No special lighting is needed. Some of the most rare and precious oils Ylang ylang and rose are collected in the morning Twilight when their fragrant essence is at its height and the dew is still on the flower. Twilight is a miniature season in your day. It is the moment between your inhalation and exhalation. It is the time when decisions are made. We thank all of you for choosing Twilight Essential oils and products.



Mission &


  I strive to combine my spiritual gifts to assist others in the projection and creation of their positive identity through the use of my life experiences and my relationship with God. 



  •  Daughter to the most inspirational parents.
  • Blessed with amazing siblings. 
  • Wife to my best friend.
  •  Mom to three precious children, Mother-In-Law to a very special lady and Grandmama to a Healthy , Happy Grandson!

 Silhouette Studio

Arum Spa Systems
Armstrong- McCall



Thank You to my clients who are really my "Hair Family" . You have all provided me a lifetime of joy and it was a great honor to be of service to you all. I love you and all of our memories. 

  I have enjoyed a very long career in the Spa/Salon and entertainment industry. I owned and operated a Spa/Salon with 5 Stylists,  1 Massage Therapist, 1 Nail Technician. We provided  Hair Care Services, Spa Services, Aromatherapy Treatments, Facials and Tanning...

As a professional platform artist I was able to travel and learn integrative and complementary therapies of various traditions.

  • I was involved in new product development, Spa Treatment Protocols and targeting future trends.
  • Testing of New Products
  • Setting Up and Speaking at Exhibits and Trade Shows such as BBSI ( Las Vegas), ISECA ( Las Vegas & Orlando), Dallas Hair Shows, Tulsa Hair Shows, Biloxi Hair Shows, and more...
  • Co-Authored Arum Level 1,2 and 3 Class Syllabus
  • Worked For The Miss Teen USA as Chief Hair/Makeup Artist and Production Assistant for Mississippi Tourism Mini Documentaries.









Member of Local  674 of Biloxi, MS until 2001
  International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, Its Territories and Canada 

  • Spot Light Operator
  • Stage Crew
  • Chief Hair/Make-Up Artist
  • Wardrobe Tech
  • Production Assistant


Shows : Disneys Aladin On Ice, Beauty and The Beast, Evita, Cinderella,

Concerts: Brooks & Dunn, Garth Brooks, Metallica, Ozzie Osbourne, Reba Macentire, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Tracy Lawrence, Shannia Twain, ZZ Top, Wynonna Judd, Michael Bolton, George Strait, Michael Montgomerry, Jimmy Buffett, Pat Benatar and tons more...

Provided Hair and Make-Up for: Bridget Wilson, Dick Clark, Leeza Gibons, Daisy Fuentes, Katerina Witt, Big Bad Voodoo Daddys, and more... 











Twilight Vintage Inspired Therapy Systems™

Twilight Mission Statement:

 To experience the future transformation of health through ancient traditions today.  


  • Created Organic-Based Spa Line for my clients
  • Produced a weekly Educational Webinar for the use of various integrative therapy systems
  • Organized a Talented Team of knowledge workers
  • Produced a Live Streaming Shopping Broadcast featuring Aromatherapy, Spa Therapy, Meditation tools, SteffanieP, Photography, Artwork by Cecily A Cummings and Rhonda Anne Herring, Jewelry by Jan Ordoyne
  • Developed AromaKids™, a monthly program to assist children in developing  skills to help manage stress
  • Developed Scentsationl Pets™ , an organic pet care/spa line and a Webinar inviting Holistic pet care practioners to teach once a month.


 Speaking Engagements: NASA at Stennis, Women In Construction ( Mississippi), USM on the Mississippi Coast post Katrina, Various Wellness Centers and Salons and Spas, Shear Artistry (MS), Camp Bluebirds, US Naval Retirment Center, Keesler AFB Cancer Support Group, and more...


 The pH Salon
aka: The Psychic Hair Salon

  • A work of fiction based on various conversations
    with clients & friends over the past 30 years.
  • A Beta Program dedicated to understanding the Spiritual Gifts of Prophecy, Discernment and Intuition
  • A Study in the Biblical existence of Angelic Messengers and Guides
  • Private Study Groups to research and record EVPS, Negative energy, Room Energy and Sound Resonance using a professional recording studio.







 Mississippi Hurrricane Katrina Survivor

Which means we are great at:

  • New slang such as "hunker down"
  • Tearing out wet carpet
  • Tearing out wet sheetrock
  • Releasing old memorabilia
  • Handling a Chainsaw
  • Faux Finishing walls to cover up the horrible job
    executed by unskilled sheetrockers
  • Cookouts on the fake "Veranda" with all of the neighbors to use up the food from the powerless freezers
  • Driving around until you have enough bars on your phone to call loved ones
  • Participating in block clean-up and determining who is in need the most
  • Distributing Food & drinks
  • Help, help,help each other whether they ask for it or not
  • Share tears, laughter, pain, hope and FAITH
  • Inform as many people as possible that Hurricane Katrina did not hit NOLA their levies broke



Executive Producer
Meditation CDs

  • Change Your Breath- Change Your Life...A Breath Therapy cd that held a 5 star rating on Amazon.  This presently is out of print.






  I have left this page out for quite sometime because,  contrary to what those around me believe, I am not comfortable talking about myself. But it is rude to not let all of you know who Twilight is and who those that are connected to me are and what we represent. See I've already begun to ramble.

 I have been a cosmetologist for a very long time. (started around 1974) . In 1995 I started working as an AMCET (this means Armstrong McCall Core Education Team). They are a very very large company. I was hired to work for a division called Arum as an aromatherapist and Spa/Salon educator. Lucky me, I got to travel all over the US teaching at trade shows and working with the most fabulous people in the world. I learned integrative therapies and was fortunate to work alongside Dr. Rosita Arvigo from Belize, one of Arums consulting guides for herbal treatments.

 Dr. Rosita Arvigo taught me to embrace and place value on all types of therapies. To keep a totally open mind and understand that one modality of treatment is not better or worse than another it is just different.

 John McCall and his team at Armstrong McCall taught me the importance of a corporate structure while maintaining personal relationships.

 While I was teaching I noticed that the essential oil education was reaching the licensed professionals but not the clients like you. So in 2005 I started Twilight with a group of friends, clients & neighbors who are interested in utilizing essential oils into their everyday lives without becoming an aromatherapist . They began to teach their friends and we began to attract others. Our study group was in the beginning stages of becoming a business when we lost everything in Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005. Yes that's right the hurricane hit Biloxi & Gulfport and our neighboring towns of Ocean Springs, Bay St. Louis, Long Beach, Pass Christian, Gautier, Pascagoula and many others in Mississippi and Alabama.

 Immediately after the storm, even before the phones began to work or we had electricity, our neighbors were asking for Tea Tree oil & Lavender to use for sunburns, poison ivy, cuts, scratches and a multitude of other ailments that go along with dragging all of your lifelong belongings into the street ( if you can find them) to be picked up by dumptrucks.

The team we had put together now consists of a small group of people who have great persistence and dedication to sharing the therapeutic values of anything from essential oils to meditation to pet therapy to art therapy. Perhaps it is the art of peaceful living.

I thank the Twilight Team of  Steffanie, Shawn, Heather, Sara, Christy, Chef D & Shanna for their dedication!! (what's up with S's & s sounds) I thank Shear Artistry Hair Styling Salon, Frances (owner) and Cecily & Rhonda , whose art you will find throughout our literature for carrying our products in their studios. Cinimon and Jan make up our team dedicated to Scentsational Pets.

 We are here to share information with you . Please take advantage

Have a Scentsational Day,
Patrina  Rutherford
Executive Education Director 



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* Consultant your physician before incorporating the use of any integrative, vintage, complementary therapy into your lifestyle. This newsletter is an informational guide and collection of uses from clients, friends, family and books. It is not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment.


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