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The use of plant matter has been used for centuries to create a more energetically clean atmosphere.

In ancient times it was believed that negative spirits caused illness and burning various plant matter removed the negative entities from locations and even people.

Science discovered that the harmful spirits were actually harmful bacteria or viruses. Recent research has shown that the act of burning certain dried plant matter helps purify the air. This technique is known as smudging.


Baths are for healing. In Mayan tradition, botanicals have been used to create healing baths. Making herbal bath teas and carefully blending  essential oils to the mixture  may assist the body in restoring your energy and bring tranquility to the mind.

Enjoy  ancient wisdom today with our ever expanding collection of smudge bundles, simmering potpourris, incense and  bath botanicals , all of which are based on vintage inspired recipes and formulas. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Some of our simmering potpourris and incense are made seasonally and are limited in supply. 



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