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Cedar Shavings or Bundles

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Cedar stabilizes energies that are out of balance with dignity and grace. It releases the power of  strength and endurance into your space while peacefully  harmonizing the energy. This lovely plant matter helps you to connect to the wisdom of your ancestral energy and elders.
Whenever you struggle to find yourself and need clarity, cedar is here to help. Cedar helps give you the strength to disconnect from outside sources of negativity. It steadies your mind and grounds you with stability. This sensual aroma is available to you in essential oil form, bundled smudge or loose shavings.
Using Your Smudge Bundles & Incense 

Be sure to store your smudging herbs, spices and plant matter in a dry place protected from direct sunlight.


When ready to use be respectful and use caution when burning your bundles. Light the tip of the bundle from a candle or lighter. I prefer a candle (simply because I usually end up burning myself with a lighter, oops). Lightly blow the flames out, allowing the bundle to smolder.


Burn on a fireproof surface and watch closely to prevent falling embers as you gently fan the smoke. Use in a partially ventilated area. Take into consideration any allergies to plant matter you may have and avoid their use.


This Offering

This offering has options in the dropdown menu. The Baby Cedar bundle is approximately 4", The cedar Shavings is for 3 Tablespoons. The Cedar essential oil is in a 10ml dropper bottle.



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Your order is shipped with our sincerest gratitude. It will contain a tiny feather and sage leaf to clear the energy of your stone when received. Join us to use your tiny feather in our release meditations during our Full Moon Celebrations online.

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