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 Twilight organic Fragrance-Free line is made in the USA and is not tested on animals. I developed the following formulas specifically for my friends, clients or "Hair Family" and they have given me permission to use their photos and release information about their success with custom blended essential oil products.

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  8oz. Shampoo  Stimulates hair growth while maintaining a healthy moisture balance. May help prevent hair loss...

From $22.95


8 oz.  Shampoo...Excellent for extremely fine hair. Stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair...

From $22.95


Blended for fine Blond Hair... 



For mostly fine hair with multiple textures such as some curly, some straight and it does what it wants ( also helps stimulate growth)...



8 oz. Shampoo.. Stress, dietary changes and environmental change can stress the female hormone system resulting in fragile hair and excessive hair loss... 




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* Consultant your physician before incorporating the use of any integrative, vintage, complementary therapy into your lifestyle. This newsletter is an informational guide and collection of uses from clients, friends, family and books. It is not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment.


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