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 A grounding cedar aroma with touches of balancing lavender and citrus.

 We worked on this formula to help target these issues:

  • Relax the scalp from work overload
  • stimulate new hair growth
  • add body and shine to fine hair without weighing it down
  • clarify the scalp
  • detoxify the scalp and hair root
  • strengthen the hair


This blend is psychologically grounding and balancing to the emotions with uplifting properties. Helps calm frustrations when taking on large amounts of responsiblities. Increases self awareness.


Hey Sherry,

Here are the instructions for using theJojoba Hair & Scalp Treatment:

  • You can use jojoba only or because of the rising cost of  jojoba you can mix equal parts with liquid coconut oil.
  • About 1/4 teaspoon total for your scalp
  • apply to DRY hair & scalp
  • Lightly massage into scalp 
  • Distribute through hair ( comb through)
  • Cover with towel or plastic cap
  • Leave about 20 minutes
  • DO NOT WET HAIR YET TO remove. Apply shampoo and massage. Distribute shampoo throughout hair. NOW WET hair and repeat with normal shampoo.

The condition of your hair will determine the frequency of application.

Probably every 2 weeks until you see improvement. Then once a month for maintenance.

Miss You!!! Trina




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