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Desert Sage With Lavender

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Desert Sage With Lavender

This  lovely hand tied  mixture of smudge combines the power of desert Sage with  the gently balancing lavender plant. These two together balance the energy in your space and your body.


This  lovely hand tied  mixture of smudge combines the power of desert Sage with  the gently balancing lavender plant. These two together balance the energy in your space and your body. 

Desert  Sage helps purify  and prepare you for intuitive and spiritual work while bringing peace to your environment. The Lavender will assist you on many levels and is used for emotional and physical healing.

Lavender is one of the most recognized healing herbs and essential oils. It's many uses, from creating calmness to being used for its antibacterial properties, allows it to be known as a first-aid-medicinal-herb. 

When you've completed your smudging place a clear quartz, a stone of multi-functional uses similar to the lavender with its high vibrating multiple purpose. 




 Be sure to store your smudging herbs, spices and plant matter in a dry place protected from direct sunlight.

When ready to use be respectful and use caution when burning your bundles. Light the tip of the bundle from a candle or lighter. I prefer a candle (simply because I usually end up burning myself with a lighter, oops). Lightly blow the flames out, allowing the bundle to smolder.

Burn on a fireproof surface and watch closely to prevent falling embers as you gently fan the smoke. Use in a partially ventilated area. Take into consideration any allergies to plant matter you may have and avoid their use. 



This offering is for 1 Desert Sage/Lavender bundle. Each smudge bundle is approximately 8".

~ Your order is shipped with our sincerest gratitude. It will contain a tiny feather for you to use during our feather release meditations at our Full Moon Celebrations online. ~



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Here is a special Free course offering designed with the basics of smudging your home. Learn 7 steps to clearing the energy in your home with white sage.



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