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 Incense Powder of Protection

Kit $32.00  or 3oz Jar $22.00

We are so excited to offer you our simmering incense named after the Rune of Protection: Algiz. This fragrant concoction is our very own proprietary blend, made from traditional spices and herbs believed to provide protection from harmful energies. They have been used for centuries to purify the air.

This combination will help keep your auric field clear from intruding thoughts and words. These thought forms may originate in your own mind as self-deprecating thought storms. Or they may be from others who don't control their negative influences very well.

Steff and I get together to create our secret aromatic powder during the Harvest Full Moon Cycle. Affirmations infuse the energy of release and protection with each addition of the herbs stirred into the mixture. Your well being is in our thoughts.

These supplies are limited and sell out quickly as we only blend this mixture in September. One year I didn't get any for myself (haha). Even the reps that serviced my salon were purchasing them to sprinkle in their vehicles as they traveled extensively each day. 


The herbs and botanicals such as Rosemary and Basil create warmth from deep within to stimulate your inner powers of self-preservation. Touches of invigorating black pepper & sage helps you to release any resentment issues holding you back from your higher purpose. Nuances of clove and the smells of fall baking will comfort you as we settle in for, not just the winter, but the next 3 seasons. 





Stress subsides as Lavender buds release molecules that influence a calm mind and balances your emotions. 


The Rune Algiz  is a symbol of protection from unwanted influences. This includes the ability  to see the protective power of inner beauty and self confidence in yourself.  Agiz provides assistance while requiring you to do the work, whether it be physical or mental in order to succeed.


This heavenly blend  is infused with an amethyst chip added directly into the jar. Amethyst has many wonderful properties including seeing your inner beauty and warding off danger. It has been used for protection from nightmares.

Mookaite , a jasper from Australia, helps you to see your own self-worth and beauty. It is believed to protect you from your own negative thoughts.

Black Obsidian Heart helps clear your mind giving you the freedom to think coherently and make strategic decisions.




To use our incense powders just:


  • add a pinch or two to a simmering potpourri burner filled with water or
  • sprinkle in the melted wax of a candle  or
  • sprinkle on special incense charcoal or
  • simply sprinkle dry mixture in your room or even in your auto
  • Take care and caution when using open flame or heat sources. 



 This listing has multiple options...

  1.  Algiz    Incense of  Protection 3 oz jar  infused with an amethyst crystal we added to the blend in the jar. 
  2. Kit 1- 3oz jar with 1- 0.5 inch ( approximate)  Mookaite stone and  1-  0.5 inch Black Obsidian Heart




  Your order is shipped with our sincerest gratitude. It will contain a tiny feather and sage leaf to clear the energy of your stone when received. Join us to use your tiny feather in our release meditations during our Full Moon Celebrations online.


Simmering  Add a pinch or two to a pot of simmering water
Indoor Charcoal Tablets  Light indoor charcoal tablet and place in a fireproof container. Sprinkle powder on hot coal to  smudge your space.
Just sprinkle  Add a pinch in your car for safe travel. Sprinkle a little at your door for protection and prosperity.



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