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Basil 10ml

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Basil Oil is used for its uplifting properties to combat depression. It is also used in the Spa/Salon for acne kin treatments. www.TwilightTherapy.com  www.PatrinaRutherford.com



(sweet ct.linalool)

     Ocimum basilicum L


Country of Origin USA
Plant Part Leaves
Method Obtained Steam Distilation
Class Monoterpenol
Note Top-Middle

Used in Ayeurvedic medicine and has culinary uses of the herb and oil.  

Vintage Uses Has been used and researched for use during Cold and Flu season, and believed to have antispasmotic properties
Skin & Hair Care Good for acne-prone skin, brightens adult complexion, adds shine to hair
Body Care

Used to help reduce cramps, flatulence and hiccups, migraines...sinus congestion


 Used in low dilution ratios as a food flavoring in sauces and sautes.

Pet Care  Use highly diluted. Use sweet basil for dogs with separation anxiety.
Mystical Is believed to connect you to the wisdom of your higher self; increases prosperity and abundance

Used to ease Anxiety, depression, stress, melancholy, fear & sadness


Avoid during pregnancy...
Use sparingly with pets





















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