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I do not currently carry Rosewood Essential Oil due to de-forestation issues and the trees sustainability. Rosewood is considered an endangered tree.

The Plant Rosewood essential oil comes from is the mighty evergreen Aniba Rosaeodara tree that grows in Latin America in the Amazon forest. The shade tree grows in moist areas and can grow to be 130 feet tall.  Most of the distilleries are from Peru or Brazil. 

The Aniba Rosaeodara tree grows very slowly and unfortunately has been facing extinction since the 1950's. Millions of acres of the trees over the years have been cut to produce not only essential oils but furniture, flooring, guitars  and other wood products. 

There are knew distilation processes being used that do not require the entire tree being cut down which help with sustainability. However, there are companies that continue to offer Rosewood oil at the expense of contributing more to its extinction.

If you choose to continue your search for Rosewood Essential Oil make sure that it is CITES certified. 


At the present time I suggest using Alternatives to Rosewood oil such as  Palmarosa or Geranium.



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