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Lavender Oil

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 This particular Lavender Oil is a slightly higher price than some because it is distilled from the flowers only instead of the whole plant. It is a Superior Grade in quality and fragance.

Lavender Angustafolia

Country of Origin Bulgaria
Plant Part Flowers
Note Middle

Long considered First Aid in a bottle. One of the
essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin
(in small areas).

Vintage Uses Apply to burns, cuts, insect bites. May ease muscles aches & pains & stomache upset...
Skin & Hair Care Helps improve the elasticity of the skin & reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Balances oily scalp and adds shine to hair

 Dilute to 1.5 % (learn how on our webinars)

Calms, helps heal insect bites and minor wounds, burns and scratches. Soothes tummy upset, Great for infant massage when diluted in carrier oil,


Pet Care Use diluted at about 0.5% ... Helps calm distressed animals,heals minor wounds, helps relieve itchy skin conditions, acts as an anti-inflamatory espeicially for sensitive ears. ( See special Instructions for pets. Avoid use on cats)
Mystical Brings positive influence and luck

Calms the mind and balances the emotions



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