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Peppermint Oil 10ml

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Botanical Name MenthaPiperita
Country of Origin USA
Plant Part Leaves Flowering tops
Note Top
History Aware of its detoxifying effects, the Greeks and Romans would crown themselves with Peppermint at feasts. There has been evidence of peppermint found in Egyption tombs.
Vintage uses May relieve sunburn, inflammation and itching. Cooling and pain relieving to ease headaches, migraines and aching muscles.
Mystical Clears confussion
Psychological/Spirit Helps clear thinking, relievs nervousness
Winter Water: Drinking water in the winter time helps maintain a healthy moisture balance in the skin and body. I like to make it fun by using organic herbs and essential oils.
Handful of cranberries ( lightly broken open by squeezing)
A few branches of Rosemary herb...
1 tsp sugar ( to blend the essential oil )
1 drop Twilight USA Certified Organic Peppermint Oil
1 Gallon Filtered Water
Just put it all together in a pretty glass pitcher and enjoy. 



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