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Lemon 10 ml

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Botanical Name CitrusLimonum
Country of Origin Italy
Plant Part Peel
Note Top
Possible Contraindications Photosensitive. Use sparingly on the face.
History+/or Myth Lemon is used in the hospitals of many European
countries. It is known for its  antiseptic properties.
Vintage Uses May brighten dull skin, soften scar tissure, invigorate
the immune system. Good for brittle nails, broken Caillaries
Pet Uses(use with caution) Use in a diffuser or room spray to deoderize pet smells.
Mystical          Health , calming, cleansing
Psycological/Spirit         Clearing and uplifting. Strengthens concentration



200 Pounds of Lemons

It takes about 200lbs. of lemons to produce 1 pound of Lemon Essential Oil!

Hydrating Spa-Water. Essential Oil of Lemon, Slices of Lime, Cucumber and fresh cut leaves of Basil added to a pitcher of water provides hydration, anti-inflammatory properties and is full of anti-oxidants. Prepare in the morning and sip all day...   



  General Properties the oil has been used for: 

 Antiseptic, astringent, air disinfectant, detoxifying, diuretic, bactericide, insecticide and tonic. Recognized for its high anti bacterial properties.



Photosensitive. Dilute before use.



Lemon is thought to be native to Asia but is cultivated in many parts of the world such as USA, Italy, Israel, Spain and Cyprus. Historians are not able to determine exactly where the Lemon tree originated. The Tree grows up to 19 feet and produces a bright cheerful yellow fruit. One tree can yield as many as 1,500 lemons in a year.  One tree equals about 200 pounds of fruit which will produce about 1 pound of essential oil.

The oil is obtained by a method called expression of the peel of the fruit. Whenever you squeeze the skin of a citrus fruit you can see  tiny droplets of oil being released from their safe pockets. Of course this is not done by hand for the aromatherapy industry because that would just take too long and the price of oil would really increase. The price of lemon oil is one of the most affordable oils.

The peel of the fruit was applied to clothing to  repel insects.  In the late 17thcentury Nicholas Lemery  noticed the medicinal value when used to cleanse the blood  especially to fight off scurvy.  

It has been and still is recognized as an additive to everyday household cleaning products. It contains disinfecting and freshening qualities among all of its complicated chemical composition. However, most companies now use synthetic fragrances that imitate the powerful lemon. These synthesized versions, sadly, carry no therapeutic value.


Spa and Salon:

Lemon juice has long been used in an effort to lighten hair. Mostly what happens is a couple of my clients would sit for hours in the Gulf  Coast sun and bake lemon juice into their hair. The results being dry brittle hair which would then become my problem as I search and concocted conditioning treatments to restore the hair to its natural beauty. All the while chemically altering the color or texture.  Notice I said the juice of the lemon not the essential oil. Please leave the hair lightening to your salon professional.

The essential oil of lemon must be added to a carrier like Twilight’s fragrance free shampoo or conditioners to impart a beautiful healthy shine to the hair.

Lemon oil can be added to jojoba or coconut oil to be used as a nail strengthener to help with dry brittle nails and as a cuticle conditioner.

It also acts as a toner and astringent to the skin when diluted properly. Sunlight and yes even tanning bed exposure must be avoided because of the photosensitive nature of citrus oils. Uneven burning can occur.

Massage and body treatments using lemon oil include lymphatic drainage, cellulite body wraps and is added to massage lotions or oils to further improve circulation.

 Has been used to relieve nausea, headaches, irritability and helps tone an overworked Liver which aids the detoxification process of the body.


Psychological and Meditation:

A refreshing and inspiring top note, lemon assists us in concentration and allows us to focus. It helps reduce mental fatigue and is often diffused into classrooms to help students focus and memorize.

It eases worry and has a calming effect on the mind and body. Encourages trust and alleviates fear of emotional involvement or losing one’s identity when in a relationship.

Increases sense of humor. Mild antidepressant. 







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