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Juniperberry CO 5ml

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Botanical Name JuniperusCommunis
Country Croatia
Plant Part Berries
Blending Note Middle
Contraindications  Avoid use during pregnancy or with kidney disease 
Vintage Uses Was given to women at the onset of labor in Mongolia,Herbalist praised it's effect on the plague 15th and 16th century.
Therapeutic Uses Said to detoxify the blood. Serves as a duretic...helps stimulate the digestive system...relieves sore muscles...
Home Cleanses the atmosphere in a room...assists meditation...helps you to center
Skin Acne... varicose veins
Mystical Relieves obsession,
Psychological/Spiritual Releases old thoughts, Strengthens intuition, strengthens confidence
Other We use only the juniper distilled from the berries. There are other oils made using the twigs, branches and needles that are less costly, however, being in the Spa Wellness industry I prefer to use the oils said to be most therapeutic.



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