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Botanical Name  Citrus Aurantifolia
Country Persia
Plant Part Peel...expressed
Blending Note Top
Contraindications Photosensitive in sunlight. Dilute properly.
 Vintage Uses
  • Was used to flavor ginger ale and colas.
  • Used on ships in the 16th century to prevent scurvy.
  • Was used to  increases energy after illness.
  • May ease coughs, congestion of the chest, may ease fever.
  •  Is used to help tighten the skin and connective tissue in facial treatments, masks, moisturizers
Body care
  • Lime is considered a natural deodorant and is great for adding to our Fragrance-Free Cleansing Gel or Fragrance-Free Lotion
  • Believed to help reduce flatulence 
  • May help ease coughs
  • May ease fever
Hair care
  •  Adds shine to medium-darker shades of hair when added to conditioning treatments or custom shampoos.
  •  Children usually respond to the aromas of citrus oils with joy and delight. Diffusing or passive diffusing is recommend for children. 
  •  Citrus oils are not usually recommended for pet use. However when diluted for room fresheners they are considered safe. Pay attention to your pets reactions.
  • Cats are particularly sensitive to essential oils.

In The Kitchen 


  • Lime Oil is used  in limeade, mixed drinks and desserts
  • It is used for flavoring water, soups, pasta dishes and dressings.
  • When attracted to the color lime green it is believed that you may be tired of your situation and ready for dramatic changes in your life.
  • Stands for emotional healing and protection
  • Refreshing and uplifting to a tired mind.
  • Can be stimulating where there is depression, anxiety and Apathy.                                      
  • May all blocks to my intuition and spiritual development be released.
  • May I be in the present moment.
  • My emotions and thoughts are in alignment with my intuition.
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