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Frankincense  (5 ml.)

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Hey There Everyone, 
We have discontinued Frankincense at the  present time. This video is by Save Frankincense from their  Facebook page.

It is one of my favorite oils but there are other oils you can use for skincare, hormone balancing and spiritual connection.

Alternate Oils are not limited to the following but here are a few: 
Clary Sage
Palo Santo


Botanical Name  BosweliaFrereana
Country of Origin  Oman
Plant Part Resin
Note Middle
Contraindications Use caution on Sensitive Skin
Vintage Uses Used for wound healing, antidepressant, astingent, used diffused to help ease symptoms of colds and flu. Considered more precious than gold by the Three Wise Men in Bilbical text.
Children  Acts as a decongestant when blended in a carrier or diffused into the air
Pets  Used as an immune booster for  sick or elderly animals
Mystical  Intensifies the exchange of cosmic energies
Psychological/ Spiritual  Nourishes the soul and provides emotional strength



  • The essential oil of Frankincense has a spicy woodsy odor and has been used throughout history for wound healing
  • It has antiseptic and astringent properties and is used by Estheticians and Skincare Technicians who specialize in aromatherapy treatments. It is very popular added to Fragrance Free lotions and cleansers due to its ability to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It is used in diffusers to help treat cold symptoms and sinus and bronchial problems.
  • It has been used to help balance the female hormone system and help ease depression.




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