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Pine Essential Oil




When it's time to take a deep breath and boost your determination, choose pine.  Pine can carry you through your doubts and increase your will to survive.  At one time long ago, the meaning of survival referred to the will to live; survival now can translate to many different parts of our lives. Survival at work or even in our relationships.

This evergreen tree fills your field of energy with endurance. It speaks to the spirit that resides in every essence of your being to be inspired and stand in your own power of perseverance. 

All parts of the pine tree including, needles, pine cones and branches can be used to obtain the precious oil from the tree. However, our Pine oil is distilled from the needles only and is often referred to as Scotts Pine.


Our spirit works through us sending inspiration as encouragement and giving us wonderful dreams to fulfill and goals to follow. Pine is emotionally uplifting and assists with deepening our breath and using it to strengthen our emotional connection to spirit.

It is a great oil to clear the air energetically or after an illness. Just add to an active or passive diffuser.  ( See the video on diffusing) 

This beautiful enduring tree is known for cleansing and is used in many household cleansers which you can make yourself with this fragrant oil. It has been researched for its antibacterial properties.


 It helps congested skin and clarifies the scalp. When used in massage it helps to relieves muscle and joint pain.



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Botanical Name Pinus Sylvestris
Country of Origin Bulgaria, USA
Plant/Part Needles
Blending Note Middle
Method Distillation
Contraindications Do not use on infants or small children.  May cause skin irritations if not diluted.
History Used for centuries as an antiseptic and for infections. Diffuse into the air as a powerful antiseptic for germs, colds and flu
Vintage Uses  antiseptic, analgesic, antispasmodic, deodorant, decongestant, diuretic, expectorant, stimulant, tonic
 Children  Do not use on infants or small children
 Spa/Salon  antiseptic and stimulant for congested skin. Healing action on acne
 Body  Relieves muscle and joint pain. Stimulates circulation . Excellent for deep breathing.  Assists in concentration

 Raises determination and survival instinct and the will to live.
Clears negativity.

 Psychological/Spiritual  Use for mental fatigue. Uplifting and centering



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