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Geranium 10ml

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The geranium is an excellent quality and is very fragrant.

It has been tested using gaschromatograph and light spectrum analysis for quality and to ensure the oil has not been adulterated in any way. 

Its country of origin is Egypt.


Geranium  Pelargonium graveolens
Country of Origin  Egypt
Plant Part  Leaf
Note  Middle
Precautions & Contraindications

Geranium is an extremely strong oil which I have found should be diluted at a higher ratio than some of the more "gentle" oils. I usually start at .5% instead of the usual 
2.5%...(please see the methods of application)

History  Native Americans used the Geranium plant to treat neuralgia, toothaches and open wounds... Has been used to help balance the female hormone system, help alleviate hot flashes and PMS symptoms
Vintage Uses  Used as an antiseptic or astringent and for wound healing
Skin & Hair  used in salons for its beneficial effects on inflamed skin, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, helps maintain the elasticity in the skin, used to add shine to darker hair, useful to help treat shingles or eczemas
Children  very strong oil - dilute - used to help treat lice and ringworm
Pets  helps repel insects - very strong- dilute in a carrier
Mystical  may stimulate sensual feelings, said to be a gift from God
Psychological/Spirit  uplifting, helps alleviate nervous tension



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