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The lovely Rhodochrosite helps you to direct loving kindness towards yourself. It soothes your soul and holds the hand of your "inner child". It's reassurance reminds you that you are lovable. It gently embraces you with compassion. 

This nurturing stone is held in the highest regard for healing your own heart. It's name is derived from the Greek word "rhodo" meaning Rose. The Rose is known as the Queen of flowers and has one of the highest plant vibrations.

Spa Salon Uses

Rhodochrosite resonates with and helps balance the Heart Chakra. When you develop a practice of self nurturing, your body responds with lower stress levels.


Self-love lowers mental stress allowing the physical body to breathe more efficiently. Proper breathing oxygenates the blood resulting in an improved immune system.


Rhodochrosite has been used to stabilize blood pressure and circulation.Breathwork and meditation can be enhanced by using this stone as a healing tool. 


Relaxing the muscles in the face is sometimes more difficult than relaxing the entire body during a therapy session. Placing this stone over the Heart Chakra during a  facial is very soothing to the spirit. It has deep cleansing  properties and is an excellent enhancer of skin care solutions for problem skin.



That space of self-love in your heart holds the power to release the patterns causing tension and rhodochrosite is ready to help you. 




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1 tumbled Rhodochrosite from the dropdown menu X-Small approximately 1/2"...Small approximately 3/4"...Medium 1"




Your order is shipped with our sincerest gratitude. It will contain a tiny feather and sage leaf to clear the energy of your stone when received. Join us to use your tiny feather in our release meditations during our Full Moon Celebrations online.


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