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Dragon's Blood Intention Kit

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Dragon's Blood Intention Kit

  • 1/3 oz Dragons Blood Resin
  • Glass Vial with chain
  • Tiger's Eye Sphere

The phrase "Dragon's Blood" may conjure images of a historic warrior slaying a menacing dragon. Thus saving the village and winning his love.  However, there were no dragons harmed in the production of this resin. Dragon's Blood  is a plant resin derived  from one of several varieties of  trees. The trees are referred to as Dragon Trees.   Its name comes  from the blood red color of the resin when it is harvested and the tree's resemblance to a dragon.


It has been used since ancient times for its healing properties as well as its spiritual energy clearing purposes. The extracts are now used in many skincare products for its anti-aging properties.

Spiritual Spa Uses

Many spa/salon treatments are grounded in antiquity. Clearing the energy in a treatment room is important for maintaining its peaceful and welcoming ambiance. It is useful for healing rituals and treatments. The tincture is used in skincare therapies. 

Burning Dragon's Blood resin is a great way to strengthen your intentions particularly when they are written. Writing your dreams hopes and desires can be in a journal or on tiny slips of paper to burned when you sprinkle your resin over the charcoal incense discs. The resin was added to ink to increase the power of the written word.


Uses and Properties

  • Enhances ceremonies
  • Protection
  • Attracts Money
  • Love
  • Honors Spirit or Ancestral energy
  • Adds more Power to Intentions & Goal Setting
  • Improves Emotional Strength


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