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6 Mini Candles

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Mini candles are great for use during meditation. They have an approximate 2 hour burn time. To assist you in your color therapy focus the candles come in a wide variety of colors.

RED- energizing, grounding, self love (Base chakra)

PINK- hamony, emotional love, (heart chakra along with the color green)

ORANGE- Strength, success,joy (sacral plexus, 2nd Chakra)

YELLOW-Communication, Increase intuition ( solor plexus, 3rd Chakra)

GREEN- Healing, prosperity (Heart Chakra)

SKY BLUE-Clear communication, living your truth (Throat Chakra)

LAVENDER- Intuition, Dignity (Third eye, 6th Chakra)

WHITE- Purity,Protection, Connection to Divine energy, multipurpose (Crown Chakra )

This Listing is for 6(six) 4" mini candles



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