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Tourmaline Detox Oil 2oz

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Tourmaline Detox Oil

A unique blend of 100% pure essential oils in a base of Light Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil.

Ready to use. No mixing.

Helps improve circulation, reduce swelling and pain in the joints, detoxifies and moisturizes the skin while improving its elasticity and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Pink & red Tourmaline  (Rubelite) is said to regulate the metabolism, detoxify the body and stimulate blood circulation. It may also balance the female hormone system.


Methods of use:

Body wraps

Add a few drops to your bath

Massage Oil for body aches & pain

Manicures & Pedicures (great for aching feet)

And more......



Steps to Your Detox Aromatherapy Wrap

  1. Get comfortable  in a nice quiet private location where you will not be disturbed  & have a bottle of water close by
  2. Make sure you have your Breath Awareness CD ready to listen to
  3. Light your candle
  4. Use your exfoliating mit and starting at your feet , (always move to your heart) make brushing movements  up your legs, move to your hands and arms, across your back, clockwise circles on the abdomen, gently up the neck, very gently up the face if you have no make-up on.
  5. Apply your detox oil over entire body. It is very concentrated so a teaspoon should be enough for the whole body unless your skin is very dry.
  6. Wrap up in a sleeping bag lined with sheets or wrap up in some thick blankets.
  7. Put your headset on and relax for about 20 minutes
  8. Slowly unwrap yourself and gently bring yourself back into the room .
  9. Slowly stand up making sure you don't get dizzy.
  10. Be aware that you may feel energized and a little thirsty. You may perspire more for a couple of hours, you may notice you have to urinate more frequently, you may yawn, these are natural ways your body continues the detoxifying effects of the wrap.



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