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Angel Moon Meditation Perfume

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Hey There!

I am always so excited to bring a new meditation perfume to our growing collection. The  intoxicating formula of "Angel Moon" is perfect for your journey while you bathe in the light of a gorgeous Full Moon. Releasing those things, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve a purpose in your life during the full moon is followed by a renewal.




This delicate synergy's addition of Blue Tansy helps induce a relaxing effect on the nervous system and the brain. It eases anxiety  and emotional disturbances allowing space for calm to embrace you. A touch of Rose and Neroli encourages self-love and a balancing of the Heart Chakra. This blend urges you to breathe more fully due to its anti-histamine capabilities. 

We have Blue Tansy to thank for the mesmerizing blue color of this healing blend. It protects you on many levels of healing. The anti-bacterial benefits are highly praised from the Sweet Marjoram and Blue Tansy.

Archangel Gabriel is associated with the  water elements of this Meditation Perfume  and its kit components...








This product contains 

Many Blessings,
    ~ Patrina ~


I love to share tips and therapies from my Dayspa. They are all vintage inspired and embrace alternative methods. I would love to have you in our community.


Your order is shipped with our sincerest gratitude. It will contain a tiny feather for you to use during our feather release meditations at our Full Moon Celebrations online.❣





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