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~~It is a great honor for me to introduce you to Amy Greeson (Pharmacist,Educator and more)  Her joy and enthusiasm for her work and research are contagious. Working closely with a healer from Bolivia, Amy has spent 5 years on the development of this series of Organic Skincare Treatments, while simultaneously continuing her life mission with her non-profit organization The Heeling Seekers. 

 While testing her products on myself I felt that each bottle resonates with the nurturing care and respect each plant has received  before,during and after the extraction process. Her organic line and our essential oil and organic carriers complement each other, creating a compassionate connection that we can all experience from our home, Planet Earth. Enjoy!  ~ Patrina Rutherford~  
(I am adding Product profiles and information as fast as I can. Thank you all for your interest.)

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         About Amy Greeson                                             

Amy Greeson is the Founder, Executive Director, Producer and Host of Healing Seekers. She is a pharmacist, educator, lecturer, writer and world traveler who is most at home at the crossroads between modern medicine and the healing traditions of indigenous cultures.

Amy’s lifelong interest in pharmacology began at an early age, and has continued throughout her academic and professional life. With a pharmacy degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she worked in both a clinical setting and a retail pharmacy in Alaska before returning home to North Carolina to run her father’s practice.

Her interest in centuries old healing traditions began during a transformative trip to the Amazon, which she says opened not only her eyes, but also her heart and soul. “It awakened me and showed me a bigger, more complete picture of what healing is all about,” she says.

Since then, Amy has traveled extensively to study with shamans and village healers in the far reaches of Belize, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Madagascar, and Papua New Guinea. She has learned how to stitch a wound with surgical ants… to treat bacterial, fungal and viral infections with the sap of a tree… which plants help with inflammation, pain, bites and burns… and how traditional cultures integrate powerful spiritual practices into their healing traditions.

Amy continues to put her experiences to use by becoming a well-known authority on the benefits of combining prescription medications with herbal and nutritional remedies. Her commitment to finding more effective treatment alternatives led to the formation of Healing Seekers – a project to explore and document the healing practices of cultures (especially in under developed countries) that can hold the keys to modern-day treatments and cures. Amy is also the CEO and Co-founder of Natural Discoveries, an organization focused on in-depth exploration and analysis of treatments from other cultures. 

This Biography is used with the permission of Amy Greeson.

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