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Essential Oils > Chamomile, Roman 5ml
Chamomile, Roman 5ml

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Roman Chamomile  Anthemis nobilis
Country of Origin  USA
Plant Part  Flowers
Note  Middle
History  It has been used for centuries  for many therapeutic applications such as throat infections, earaches, fever and to reduce anxiety.
Vintage Uses  PMS symptoms, helps with wound healing.digestive complaints, general grumpiness, warms muscles, used to help prevent gingivitus & teething pain,  Insomnia
Skin & Hair  Blend with Twilight Fragrance-Free Hydrate Lotion for Dry inflamed, irritated skin, Add to Shampoo to add shine to light colored hair. Helps heal infected ingrown nails. May help  eczemas with its antiinflammatory properties
Mystical  Associated with the healing stone Amber to absorb negative vibrations
Psychological/Spiritual  Helps calm nervous tension and aids in a deeper meditation especially when used with Breath Awareness



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