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Black Obsidian Heart

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These gorgeous Black Obsidian Hearts are created from volcanic eruptions. They know what to do to turn the heat of confusion, heartache  and self doubt into grounded self appreciation.


Do you need to take a moment to remind yourself just how beautiful you are? Perhaps your aura needs a little freshening up and mending. These gorgeous Black Obsidian Hearts are created from volcanic eruptions. They know what to do to turn the heat of confusion, heartache  and self doubt into grounded self appreciation. 

Our hearts carry memories and hopes and dreams. All of which need to be protected and released in order for us to ground ourselves in the present reality. These Black  Obsidian Hearts are  here to assist you in set healthy boundaries while honoring your emotional healing.

Obsidian is found in regions where there has been volcanic eruptions. Formed from molten lava, they range in color from black with shimmering gold to rich mahogany browns to deep green. It does not have a crystalline structure ,due to the lava solidifying rapidly when it came in contact with cold water.

Due to its nature of forming quickly it can assist you in recovering during times of intense  transformation




I can usually notice if someone is feeling listless and a little dull by the condition of their hair.  When I was asked "what is wrong with my hair?" My internal response, meaning I kept it to myself at first, was "What is going on with your life?"


sometimes clients would sit in my chair a little perplexed with the condition of their hair.  Asking " what is wrong with my hair?" I would have to eventually in a conversation to determine what is going on in your emotional life. Using this little gem in your meditation or while journalling in inspiring you to re connect with your authentic beauty. 

Weapons & blades have been created from the jagged edges of obsidian since the Stone ages. Our best self defense in a stressful situation now is confidence and being able to express your inner worth effectively. 



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This listing is for one  beautifully polished Black Obsidian Heart about 1" in size.




Your order is shipped with our sincerest gratitude. It will contain a tiny feather and sage leaf to clear the energy of your stone when received. Join us to use your tiny feather in our release meditations during our Full Moon Celebrations online.



Best Wishes,

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