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Moonlight Rose Soap

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Moonlight Rose Soap




Our soothing Moonlight Rose Soap  is handcrafted with distilled water touched  by the light of the Full Moon. Our fabulous soap formulator, Deb, works closely with us to bring our dreams to reality. She uses the vintage method of cold processing. They are hand poured and we patiently wait for at least 6 weeks before announcing their presence in our studio.

Each oval shaped soap uniquely mimics the colors in the Rhodenite and Rhodochrosite Crystals. Possessing comparable  frequencies to the crystals, this soap encourages self-nurturing. Treat your body & face to little kindness and love.

Each soap is also unique in its coloring and design just as the crystals are.


Our  lovely Moonlight Rose Soap  is handcrafted with distilled water touched  by the light of the Full Moon.PatrinaRutherford.com




Free of any added fragrances or essential oils Moonlight Rose gently polishes your skin to healthy glow. This action is due to the mild  grains of  the French Rose Clay. This particular clay is indigenous to France, of course, and is a type of kaolin clay of which kaolinite is the main constituent.

We have found this soap to have a gentle cumulative effect. You may notice your skin gets softer and fine lines appear to be diminishing. 



Carrier oils of Coconut and Olive Oil  have been used for centuries as additives to hydrate and nourish the skin. Moonflower Rose Soap is carefully blended with these carrier oils to give your skin a healthy glow.


A little goat's milk from the local farm has been added to this formula also. Goat's milk has been used to soothe acne, eczema and psoriasis. It also helps maintain a healthy pH balance for the skin while it softens even sensitive skin.




THIS LISTING is for 1 oval bar of handcrafted, fragrance-free soap crafted with self love in mind. Be sure to set you soap on a rack lifting it out of standing water to make it last a little longer.






I love to share tips and therapies from my Dayspa. They are all vintage inspired and embrace alternative methods. I would love to have you in our community.

Hey There Spa Beauties!

Would you like to have  a more peaceful perspective in your lifestyle?  Learn how to use spiritual spa enhancements to bring you to a place of overall wellness and balance. 

"Spacifically Inspired Members" began as a monthly Full Moon Meditation for my fabulous salon clients.

It was a time to gather together in order to celebrate each month by learning how to integrate the use of crystals, essential oils and meditative techniques into our lives.


This is now a virtual event!


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